Integrated Hotel GRMS System in Dubai

Give your hotel guests the best possible experience throughout their stay, with a smart hotel guest room management system.

Partner with the number one source of hotel room automation systems in the city of Dubai – Greentec Automation.

Hotel room automation systems that take your guest rooms to the next level

Greentec Automation is a complete supplier and distributor of home and building automation systems. We offer a comprehensive range of smart systems and products that are designed to customise indoor environments to the personal preferences of users. We provide solutions for a wide range of facilities, from residential apartments and villas to hotels and other properties in the hospitality industry.

Our hotel GRMS system solutions can be used to create an intelligent network of smart devices that respond and adjust to according to the desired settings of the occupant. Welcome settings can be activated to give each guest a customised welcome greeting every time they enter the hotel room.

Environmental settings, such as lighting and temperature, can also be set to the guest’s preferences for different states (awake, asleep, and active). Features such as auto dimming and light intensity can be adjusted for different times of the day, and the air conditioning can be set to stay at specific temperatures, per the guest’s requests.

The smart hotel guest room management system can also be integrated into a central hotel management system for enhanced efficiency, security, and quality of comfort. Our solutions are developed and based on the KNX network communications protocol for building automation – the internationally accepted standard. This means we are giving you the best options available in the market, so you can ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.

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