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Automation Products


Wiring Accessories

Wide range of Wiring Accessories

Lighting Control

Integrated into your intelligent building control system

Shutter & Blinds Control

The simple control solution using switches and buttons

Temperature control

Products and systems for the individual control of the room temperature:

Multimedia terminals

Whether multimedia components, audio systems or network technology:

KNX System

The JUNG KNX system offers a big plus in convenience, security and economy both in private dwellings and commercial construction.

Control units

Components to conveniently control relay and dimming stations

Music and more

A guaranteed sound experience with the innovative JUNG solutions for music and more.

Access control

Modern technology for monitored access control in buildings - and of course in JUNG switch design.

Emergency system

Well thought out system for calls for help in WCs or bathrooms in accordance with DIN EN 0834

Hospital installations

The special products and carefully thought out system solutions for use in hospitals meet the high demands for functionality and hygiene

International sockets

The international sockets from JUNG take the relevant country-specific requirements into consideration. They can be implemented in just about all the design series.

Theben Products


Time and light control

Are you looking for an analogue time switch for DIN rails, a digital time switch with automatic summer/winter time changeover or a plug-in timer? In addition to our analogue and digital time switches the following pages provide information on other Theben products for efficient time control: Hour counter, time relay or our well-known plug-in timers. Overview of Theben time switches:

Indoor and outdoor motion detectors

For indoor or outdoor use: Light means security. Theben PIR motion detectors reliably switch on lights in hallways, staircases or in the garden as soon as movement is picked up in its detection area. That means the light only comes on when you need it to. Theben has the right motion detector for every application: Choose between wall or ceiling-mounted, between flush mounted or surface mounted and detection area range of 110° to 360°. Overview of Theben motion detectors:

Heating control and air conditioning technology

A Theben room thermostat provides you with energy-saving with comfortable room heating. It does not matter if you choose to use an mechanical or electronic room thermostat. A clock thermostat with automatic temperature reduction (set back) at night enables you to cut energy costs without reducing levels of comfort. Clock thermostats are ideally suited for retrofitting and renovation. New wiring is not required with our radio-controlled clock thermostats. In combination with air conditioning, a Theben CO2 sensor regulates air quality in rooms. Heating control and air conditioning technology from Theben:

KNX Building Control

Theben has been a member of the KNX Association since 1992 and has made a significant contribution to making KNX the worldwide standard for home and building control. KNX (formerly EIB) is now an integral part of modern building automation in schools, hospitals, museums, offices and homes. KNX provides a comprehensive and energy efficient control solution for HVAC, lighting, blinds and much more. Building automation has also arrived in private residential properties. can provide a fully integrated solution meeting the requirements of the most demanding customer. So from a private home to an office building can offer the solution to you control needs.