PIR Motion / Presence Sensors in Dubai & UAE

Boost the security in your space with leading-edge PIR motion sensors from Greentec Automation’s range of home and security systems from the world’s tested and proven brands. Harness the benefits of PIR-based motion detection sensors – check out our online product selection here.

Energy efficient and feature-rich PIR motion sensors in UAE  

Greentec Automation brings you a suite of world-class products fitting for your needs at home or in the office. Make sure your residential and/or commercial space is outfitted with a best-in-class security system that provide you optimum protection both indoors and outdoors. Our range of PIR presence sensors in Dubai give you the following benefits:

  • Extensive coverage – These sensors can be used on large spaces, allowing virtually complete monitoring 24/7.
  • Real-time detection – A PIR presence sensor operates real-time and picks up any movement or instances of intrusion or occupancy right when it happens.
  • Flexible integration – Our PIR-based sensors can complement the latest smart home features, such as lighting, thermostats, air conditioning, and more. Upon sensing your entry, it can automatically activate the smart features in your home.
  • High-end quality & capabilities – We only offer the most innovative products available in the market, from leading names in the industry worldwide, in order to give our customers the best security systems for their homes, offices and commercial establishments.


Find the best-fitting PIR motion detector for your needs here

Our product range includes a variety of options to suit different kinds of needs. Whatever your needs and budget are, we will work to assist you in finding the best one that perfectly meets your each and every requirement.

For a complete and more robust security system, take a look at our selection of emergency systems and smart home technologies. If you have questions or need personal assistance from our team, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Call us on +971 (0) 4 551 6092 or send your message to info@greentec-automation.com.