Our Partners

This is our statement and our promise to our customers. It all started with the first staircase time switch developed by the company founder Paul Schwenk back in 1921. It continues to apply today to all our products, such as our Presence and Motion Detectors, as well as the worldwide standard KNX, Theben is proud to have made a significant contribution towards its development and ever growing success. Behind each and every one of our products and systems is the idea of only using energy when it is absolutely necessary. Whether it be to adjust the heating and room temperature. Whether it’s to switch on lights or dim them when people in or around buildings need them to work comfortably or to see safely in the dark. This is how all of our products contributes towards energy efficiency and sustainable savings in energy use.

tci is a producer of touch panels for Building Automation as well as professional Industrial Computers in Heuchelheim near Giessen, Germany. Since the company was established in 1991, tci products have been very much in demand by customers representing a wide variety of sectors thanks to competence, wealth of intelligent solutions and the extensive know-how. One business sector is Building Automation, touch panels for various applications are available. When deciding on such a perfectly designed and professionally installed Smart Home, the customers will save money in the long term, enjoy enormous flexibility and total comfort. Another business sector is the Industrial Automation. These high-quality products can be implemented in system and machine engineering, medical technology, safety engineering, in multimedia, network technology and the Internet. The common factor of both business sectors is the high demand on safety and reliability, which tci fulfills with a great deal of passion.

“We gave a new meaning to an everyday object” As a design enthusiast or an architect, you do not take a purely functional object or space for granted. You want to have a concept that exceeds the sum of its parts where every element contributes to a stronger entirety. That is why we founded CJC Systems in order to give you the means to finish your project, according to your idea in every detail. When we promoted our first design switch in 1994 on a design fair in Paris, we got overwhelmed. We suddenly became pioneers in a niche market that we created ourselves. Suddenly people found an alternative for the plastic switch that you saw everywhere. We succeeded in giving a new meaning to an everyday object and therefore drawed the attention of many design professionals and enthusiasts all over Europe.

How has the definition of the threshold changed over the past few years? What effects do megatrends such as globalisation and digitisation have on architecture? To what extent are the limits being moved between public and private spheres, between the virtual and the real world? The questions that a manufacturer of building communication systems must answer in the 21st century are more complicated than ever.

viveroo GmbH is manufacturer of premium design- and lifestyle products, in particular iPad Dockingstations. We are based in Germany. Our Docks are high class solutions with deep standards in design and functionality. They are created to use all functions of your iPad and fit for all current and future generations. We built them for mounting your iPad flush into, as well as on the wall and furnitures, - there are no bounds to your creativity! Rotate your iPad, charge it, lock or remove it. Change your dock and be up to date for new iPads! viverooDocks, artful engineering and design from Germany, a special home for your iPad!

NETxAutomation Software GmbH is one of the leading providers of innovative software for building automation. We develop and distribute software for building management and central building control. Our product range consists of reliable server systems, shading control systems, visualizations, energy reporting systems and hardware components. All products are based on open standards like OPC, KNX, BACnet, Modbus or SNMP. Multiple interfaces to hotel management software, door lock systems, etc. allow a broad application area. In more than 40 countries all over the world, system integrators and electrical engineers use our software in their building automation projects.

BACHMANN is a highly innovative, mid-sized company, that develops, manufactures and markets electronic components & systems with a focus on customers. Alongside the highly innovative power management solutions offered by the BlueNet family, technological product highlights include the multi-functional work surface connection panels, some of which have won various international design prizes. As we promise our customers value for money, we also focus on topics of relevance for the future such as power management and energy efficiency for data centres and industry as well as building installation systems. Founded in 1947, BACHMANN has become a company with a global presence in the electrical engineering industry. Today, BACHMANN operates production sites and development and quality management centres in Germany, Romania and China as well as numerous international sales companies and partnerships. We employ more than 700 people around the world.

We develop and manufacture innovative loudspeakers and intelligent audio solutions that guarantee the highest level of music and voice transmission. We stand for audio products and customer-specific audio solutions, which combine sound and design in outstanding quality and will also inspire you through simple operation and assembly. We are persecutors and detail-loving inventors. With our proverbial Swabian inventor spirit and our innovative power, we are giving fresh impulses and technological milestones in the market that will convince you as well. All this can be heard and heard.

As a member of the KNX Association, we are specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of building control systems for the KNX bus. The KNX bus allows internetworking across the trades and integration of all building functions: Lighting
Heating / Air Conditioning / Ventilation
Security Services
Media Technology
Visualization / Facility Management