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GREENTEC AUTOMATION DMCC was founded based on more than quarter century experience in Building Automation Solutions in Europe and the Middle East. A quarter century, with lots of challenges, Building Automation Technologies & Systems were introduced to the market in Europe and Overseas, seeking market acceptance. Some of them short‐lived and some others continued their journey, till they couldn’t manage to keep their momentum. Probably, the story of the “Rabbit and Turtle Race” best describes this, where the Rabbit can be characterized by few systems launched during this period of time, reaching different scale of success, and sometimes a dead end. The Turtle regarded as a simple technology satisfying the Building Automation world market by excellence and simplicity.

This is the success story of the KNX technology which has been accepted by the standards regulatory bodies, as the Only Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Automation and achieving a record of 370 well known members in 2014. We proudly used to say that, no one can stop a Train with more than 370 wagons, relating to the enormous number of KNX associated members and if one decouples one or more wagon, the train will continue its successful Journey.
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Marriott Hotel Al-Barsha

Marriott Hotel Al-Barsha

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Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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The Hills - Emaar

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Dubai Customs Headquarter

Dubai Customs Headquarter

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